Yanmar ViO17

This excavator goes almost anywhere and works efficiently in tight, narrow areas. Our most compact zero tail swing mini excavator goes where larger excavators can’t, and works easily against walls or buildings. But its small stature doesn’t sacrifice power. The 14.5-hp final Tier 4 diesel engine provides the power you need for the toughest jobs, with dramatic lifting capacity and bucket digging force that belies it’s size.

Yanmar ViO27

If you work on tight residential or inner city jobsites, you need an excavator that fits through narrow openings and works comfortably in tight quarters. Meet the new ViO25-6A. This scrappy, go-almost-anywhere true zero tail swing excavator works anywhere you can fit the tracks. It also comes with a fuelefficient 20.4-hp Tier 4 Final engine that delivers unexpected power for its size, with less environmental impact.

Yanmar ViO35

The mini excavator, Vio35 is the most fuel-efficient excavator Yanmar has ever built. The advanced technology zero tail swing ViO35-6 features an electronically controlled Tier 4 engine and dramatically evolved hydraulic system. It also comes standard with ECO and Auto-Deceleration modes for even more operational efficiency. All of which means the new ViO35 can now deliver up to 20% less fuel consumption than previous models, without sacrificing any of the legendary Yanmar power that’s made it the most productive digging, lifting, do-anything excavator you can buy. We bought this machine brand new.

Yanmar ViO45

The ViO45 turns completely within its own tracks, with the stability of a conventional excavator. You can trench and dig in the extremely tight spaces that other excavators simply can’t get to. Add to that a new 39-hp Final Tier 4 Yanmar diesel engine that sacrifices none of the legendary power and unmatched fuel efficiency.

Yanmar ViO55

Our biggest mini-ex, the ViO55 is a 47.6-hp turbocharged Final Tier 4 diesel, with zero tail swing. It is one of the most rugged, flexible machines you can have to work effectively in the extremely tight spaces other bulkier excavators simply can’t reach. This mini excavator also has the balance and stability of any conventional excavator.

Yanmar ViO80

Our brand new, biggest excavator, the Vio80 is yammer’s largest true zero tail swing excavator. It goes where bigger, clunkier machines simply can’t go. You get the flexibility to work effectively against buildings or obstacles without sacrificing the power to do the job. The 56.9 hp Tier 4 diesel engine comes with Yanmar’s legendary durability and fuel efficiency built right in. The Vio80 has unmatched operator comfort, ease of operation, and a fully enclosed cab.